Talking About Wallpaper Designs and Installation Techniques

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Talking About Wallpaper Designs and Installation Techniques

Hello, my name is Neil Monson. Although many people consider wallpaper outdated, I think it still has a place in gorgeous home designs. Gone are the days of simply covering every wall with a thick layer of wallpaper. Instead, the design process includes the use of accent walls and cutout designs. I will share all of the design options used for wallpaper materials. My site will include tips and tricks for hanging the wallpaper on the walls for a lasting finish. I will explore the tools and techniques used for removal and installation of this innovative material. Feel free to visit my site anytime.

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How To Repaint Your Ceiling Like A Pro

Painting your interior is a very smart home improvement project. It is one of the few DIY projects that will have a major impact on the style of your home. You can turn painting your interior into a collaborative family project. You can even hand the kids a roller and let them help out. The hardest part of the project is usually painting the ceilings. Some people decide not to repaint their ceilings when they are repainting their walls. But, your new wall color will look much better if you also paint your ceilings with bright, fresh paint. This article will explain how to get the best results when painting your ceilings.

Masking Off: Be Excessive!

When it comes to masking off your floors it is better to be safe than sorry. It is also a much easier project if you paint your ceilings before your walls. This way you do not need to worry about overspray getting all over the walls. You want to cover the entire floor under any ceiling you are painting. For covering carpet, you can set down thin rolls of viscose painter's plastic. But, it is not a good idea to set this plastic on a hardwood or tile floor because it can be very slippery and dangerous. Also, be sure to adequately cover all of your doors, windows and AC vents.

Use a Telescoping Pole

When rolling the main portion of your ceiling, you want to be sure to use a telescoping extension pole for your roller. If you try to roll your ceiling without an extension pole (even if you have ladders), you will drip much more paint on yourself. You will also tire out your arms and neck much quicker. With a pole you can stand on the ground and paint at angle, so you are not directly under the spot that you are painting. Also, the pole can be held with both hands, so you won't be extending and wearing out your favored arm as you try to get the entire ceiling covered. You do not have to crank your neck upward at such a sharp angle to see the ceiling you are painting. Your back and feet will also appreciate not having to balance atop a ladder for hours at a time.

If you mask off excessively and use a telescoping pole to roll paint onto your ceilings, the job is much less of a headache. Or in this case, neck ache! If you'd rather have a professional do the paint job for you, visit Yu1 Painting Company.